About Us

My work has been exhibited nationally and internationally for the past decade. You can also find my work in numerous private collections. 

I created this shop for you, my friends and collectors, to give you the opportunity to peruse my current portfolio and add new work to your personal collection....enjoy!....and please feel free to contact me anytime : james@jameswalkerstudios.com

A few words about my art and process:

 by James Walker

 ….even before the first pigments were applied to the walls of Lascaux humans had been searching for a way to leave a trace and to say something as simple and poignant as “I was here, this is what I did, it’s important, check it out!” and I believe my recent work draws a great deal of influence from this ancient ideal, the unquenchable necessity for perpetual creation, the intense desire to participate in this unending nonlinear quest, and the overwhelming satisfaction of creating something real and true. The task of making art is the very thing that gets me out of bed in the morning, drives me through the day, pushes me past all obstacles, and propels me to explore such themes as “time”, creating pieces that become almost four dimensional, catching images and discarded and recycled objects, re-contextualizing and objectifying and suspending them in a languid state of decomposition and entropy for a brief moment so that the viewer might pause and take notice of these small snippets and everyday things that often become the catalyst for reflections on concepts like “perseverance” which is something we must always accomplish, against all odds and outside forces (and especially ourselves). I see this delicate and beautiful struggle in all aspects of life (some more than others), such as pigeons and their uncanny capacity to survive in almost any environment and also in my daily contact with certain canines who posses the most amazing sense of unconditional love and loyalty and courage and also through all of my adventures, extraordinary and extra-ordinary (both of which carry the same impending importance).  And through all of this I’ve come to understand that at the end of it, when all we have is time and our proof of life lived and a responsibility to make a positive contribution to this fragile existence the best thing to do when work gets hard is to simply have gratitude for the ability work harder…..